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Generic Name: azithromycin (ay-ZITH-roe-MYE-sin)
Brand Name: Zithromax


One of the most effective and safest antibiotics available today is Zithromax. It is prescribed for treatment of respiratory, skin or urogenital infections, including bacterial sinusitis, genital ulcer or bacterial aggravations of bronchitis.


In addition, Zithromax is the drug of choice for treatment of infectious diseases, the causative agents of which are resistant to other antibiotics.


Pfizer is the manufacturer and supplier of Zithromax to the international pharmaceutical market. At trust pharmacies, you can buy Zithromax in one of four dosage forms:


  • capsules: 250 mg
  • tablets: 250 mg, 500 mg or 600 mg
  • powder for injection in vials of 500 mg
  • powder for oral suspension: 100 mg or 200 mg per 5 ml


Zithromax is an effective drug of a macrolide group, an active ingredient of which is Azithromycin. Zithromax refers to bacteriostatic antibiotics, and has a high activity against a broad spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms.


Zithromax helps quickly get rid of an infectious disease by affecting directly cells of the infection pathogens. Zithromax binds to the RNA pathogen and suppresses the protein synthesis necessary for its growth and / or reproduction.


Start treatment for an infectious disease today – order Zithromax in tablets, capsules, suspension or injections right now.

To quickly get rid of infection and to reduce the risk of aggravation, it is necessary to timely start using Zithromax. An optimal dose of Zithromax for treatment of infected patients depends on the patient’s age and weight, as well as type, etiology or severity of the infection:


  • The average daily dose of Zithromax for infected adults may vary from 250 mg to 2000 mg.
  • In pharyngitis, skin infections, bacterial exacerbation of bronchitis or community-acquired pneumonia, the initial dose of Zithromax for adults is 500 mg per day.
  • Pediatric dose of Zithromax for infection therapy is 5 mg to 30 mg / kg.


The duration of Zithromax course can be one to five days, depending on type or severity of the infectious disease. When buying Zithromax at pharmacy, you can find out from the pharmacy technician the exact dose of this antibiotic for a particular type of infection.


Zithromax is recognized as one of the safest drugs for treatment of infectious diseases. Very rarely, Zithromax may cause gastrointestinal side effects, including diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, or nausea.


Zithromax is contraindicated in patients with a history of liver diseases or known hypersensitivity to antibiotics of macrolide group. Patients with heart rhythm disorders are advised to observe precautions when using Zithromax.


Just as other antibiotics, Zithromax is sold at pharmacies by prescription. However, by making use of services of online pharmacy, you can order Zithromax without a prescription from anywhere in the world, including from countries of the America, Europe or Asia.


To buy Zithromax at a discount or get it for free, take advantage of one of the several proposed patient savings programs:


  • public health programs Medicaid, HealthCare or Medicare that partially or fully cover cost of Zithromax purchase;
  • private patient assistance programs, such as BenefitsCheckUp, Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA), NeedyMeds, RxAssist or Rx Outreach that help to find Zithromax at reasonable prices;
  • Pfizer patient assistance programs, on condition that the patient does not have another health insurance or opportunity to buy Zithromax at a discount.


Due to its high efficiency and favorable safety profile, Zithromax enjoys a great popularity in many countries of the world. Today you can buy Zithromax in any country, including in the USA, Singapore, Australia, Greece, Ireland, Canada or Switzerland.

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    Upper respiratory tract infections were my most faithful companions since childhood. I though this hell never ends. I usually had to endure almost two weeks of weakness and severe cough, with a month of reminder cough after healing. Right now, I take Xithromax on the 1 or the 2 night, the moment I realize I get one. In not more than 5 days I am totally relieved, and the cough never persists more than 2 weeks afterwards. No side effects or allergic reactions for me, even though I am a highly allergic individual.

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