Generic Name: topiramate (toe-PYRE-a-mate)
Brand Name: Topamax


As of today, Topamax is the main drug for use in therapy of various forms of epilepsy. Patients, in whom epileptic seizures are combined with migraine attacks, can buy Topamax and use it both as a monotherapy and in combination with other drugs.


In what way is Topamax effective:


  • fast achievement of a stable patient’s condition (within 4-8 days);
  • impact on all major mechanisms of the epilepsy and migraine pathogenesis;
  • presence of a neuroprotective effect in various organic lesions of the central nervous system.


Thus, Topamax is characterized by an extremely wide range of clinical and pharmacological effects and efficacy in the most diverse forms of epilepsy and migraine attacks.


To successfully treat epileptic seizures and migraine attacks, you can use one of two topamax dosage forms:


  • sprinkle capsules of 15 mg, 25 mg and 50 mg
  • tablets of 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg, 300 mg and 400 mg


Tablets must be taken whole, without chewing, and with plenty of water. Sprinkle capsules can be taken both whole and mixed with a liquid or food.


If a patient does not have a medical prescription, he can still buy Topamax. Online pharmacies in Australia, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Italy, Canada, Mexico and other countries provide the opportunity to order a home delivery for the medication without the need for a prescription to hand.


The dosage of Topamax is selected individually for each patient. For optimal control of epileptic seizures, it is recommended to begin treatment with low Topamax doses with subsequent increase to the maximum therapeutic level.


The dosage of Topamax is:


  • to alleviate the epilepsy symptoms in children at the age of 2 years and more, as well as the adults: 25mg to 50 mg daily, with a possibility of increasing the dose by 25 mg not more often than once a week;
  • to relieve acute migraine attacks in children aged 12 years and more, as well as adults: 25 mg daily in the first week of treatment, with a possibility of increasing the dose by 25 mg not more than once a week.


The maximum daily dose of Topamax in the treatment of epilepsy should not exceed 400 mg. To relieve a severe headache, no more than 100 mg of Topamax should be taken every day.


Even if a patient has a prescription for Topamax use, the drug under the desired brand may not be available at the pharmacy. Instead of Topamax, you can buy another medicine that contains the same active ingredient – Topiramate. In addition to Topamax, Topiramate trademarks are also Trokendi, Epiramax, Qudexy and others.

Advantages of Topamax:


effective relief of headaches;

absence of repeated episodes of epileptic status;

reduction in the duration of epileptic seizures,

weakening of patient’s physical and psychological discomfort,

regression of concomitant mental disorders (dysthymia, depression, hypochondriacal manifestations).


Topamax was not the first Topiramate trademark. The drug was synthesized in 1979 by Dr. Bruce Maryanoff, who worked to create a drug for the treatment of diabetes. In clinical trials, it was found out that the substance has a pronounced anticonvulsant effect. Patent rights for Topiramate belonged to Ortho-McNeil (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson).


After a successful completion of comprehensive clinical trials, as well as significant investments, the FDA approved Topiramate as an antiepileptic drug. Clinical trials of 1990 demonstrated the effectiveness of the drug in the treatment and prevention of migraines.


The pharmaceutical company Janssen received a marketing authorization for the sale of Topamax tablets in the USA on December 24, 1996. Two years later, Topamax capsules appeared on the shelves of American pharmacies.


Recently, Topamax is considered to be not only as a drug for the treatment of epilepsy and migraines, but also as a promising remedy that can alleviate other disorders. It is possible that patients will buy Topamax in the near future to use it for weight reduction, treatment of diabetic neuropathy, alcohol and drug dependence.


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