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Generic Name: tamoxifen (ta-MOX-i-fen)
Brand Name: Nolvadex


Today, Nolvadex is the drug of choice for the prevention and/or treatment of breast cancer. It is an estrogen antagonist (aka antiestrogen), which is used by men and women, who suffer from malignant breast tumors.


Nolvadex helps prevent the growth of cancer cells in patients with a high risk of breast cancer. Nolvadex is also prescribed to women at an early stage of the menopause to reduce the likelihood of this cancer.


Women with breast cancer are recommended taking Nolvadex as an alternative to such methods of antitumor treatment, like ovarian ablation or surgical removal of the ovaries.


  • Nolvadex contains the active ingredient Tamoxifen. For today, patients can buy in drugstores Nolvadex in the form of oral tablets of 10 mg or 20 mg.
  • This antiestrogen is a prescription drug, yet you can order Nolvadex without a prescription at an online pharmacy. Various health insurance plans can partially or completely cover the cost of Nolvadex purchase with a prescription.
  • Thus, patients with Medicaid or Medicare have the opportunity to buy Nolvadex cheaper, than uninsured patients, or they can get this antiestrogen for free.


The action of Nolvadex lies in suppression of growth and volume reduction of breast tumors. It has a high antiestrogenic activity, due to which Nolvadex promotes suppression of the synthesis and/or growth of cancer cells.


An adequate dose of Nolvadex should be selected individually, depending on the cancer intensity, patient’s personal response to this estrogen antagonist and/or comorbid conditions.


For the treatment or prophylaxis of breast cancer, it is recommended to take approximately 20 mg to 40 mg of Nolvadex per day. High daily doses of Nolvadex (more than 20 mg) are recommended to be divided in two intakes.


The results of clinical studies confirm that Nolvadex helps to significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence if taken for a long time. The recommended duration of Nolvadex use is approximately 5 years.


Take the first step towards a healthy life without breast cancer today – order Nolvadex in an online pharmacy right now.


  • Nolvadex is contraindicated in pregnancy. Women of childbearing age are advised to use contraceptives for about two months after the completion of a Nolvadex course.
  • Nolvadex can partially suppress the secretion of breast milk. Women are not recommended to feed infants with breast milk while using this estrogen antagonist.


Nolvadex can cause headaches, nausea, vaginal discharge, vomiting, and upset stomach. Adverse reactions of Nolvadex are dose-depended, and rapidly pass after a decrease in the daily dose of this antiestrogen.


While buying Nolvadex in a pharmacy, you can ask the pharmacist additional questions about the choice of the daily dose of this antiestrogen, as well as about the precautions for its use.


  • Nolvadex is manufactured and supplied to the international market by the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Nolvadex has been sold since 1977, and has been the drug of choice for the treatment or prevention of breast cancer for 40 years already.
  • Nolvadex tablets are sold in many countries around the world, including the UK, Australia, Brazil, and Canada.


In American pharmacies, Nolvadex has been available for sale for more than 28 years. However, AstraZeneca voluntarily decided to stop selling Nolvadex in the US in the summer of 2006 due to a huge amount of its analogues, available in the US market.


Today, you can order Nolvadex in the USA on an online pharmacy. In pharmacies, you can also buy Nolvadex generics, which are produced under such brands, as Soltamox, Tamoxen, Oxifen, Genox, Tamofen, Tamoplex or Genrx.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    After the lumpectomy, radiation and chemo, I was prescribed Nolvadex. Been on it for five years. Side effects quite unpleasant. Hot flushes, weight gain. But I was and still am ready to go through it all just to stay longer with my family and not let my kids down. I hope that cancer never comes back.

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